Places to go for interesting things to read: writings of “Nathan “Mudyi” Sentance, a Wiradjuri man from the Mowgee clan who grew up on Darkinjung Country, NSW”. Analysing how history and ‘memory institutions’ – galleries, libraries, archives and museums – uphold colonialism and how they might be decolonised. “analyzing the ongoing development of capitalism in China, its historical roots, and the revolts of those crushed beneath it”. thorough contemporary analysis of different struggles within China.

crimes of class “an exploration of rural and regional working class lives in the informal and black economies, and of crime, class struggle and class composition.”

(dis)solution “is a new Australian online and print journal published in Naarm/Melbourne. It is born out of a need for radical, critical thought and expression, particularly from emerging writers and artists, which challenges the catastrophic, ecocidal structures of the 21st century.”

frontierwarstories Boe Spearim’s excellent series of podcasts documenting the first 140 years of conflict and Indigenous resistance on this continent.

fugitive distro online archive of anarchist and radical zines. “chronicles of everyday life”. finding revolutionary potential in stories of everyday life. anti-colonial, anarchist-y writings mostly covering events in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. “partisan analysis of the present”. beautiful collection of militant writing kept up-to-date with current events. “an outlet for critical analysis, alerts, action support, and propaganda”. from Turtle Island, covering the strength and diversity of anti-colonial resistance on that continent. “digital community center for anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements”. specific focus on actions/ events in Turtle Island. “Australia’s only radical literary magazine”. more mainstream/ liberal than most other links here but, in terms of so-called Australia, a decent collection of reports and analysis on contemporary events. “no gender, no problem”. agit-prop that throws in queer, anti-colonial, anti-fascist, insurrectionary and a bunch of other rad influences. an inciteful combination uncommon in so-called Australia.

salvage.zoneSalvage, recognising that the catastrophe is already upon us… is for a communism of the ruins. Salvage is committed to publishing the best radical essays, poems, art and fiction without sectarian, stylistic or formal constraint. Salvage requires only that they cleave to liberation.” non-party communist journal. the ‘about’ section alone is urgent, provocative writing for these times. “historical archive of Indigenous anti-colonial struggles and resistance, and to provide analysis of these struggles”. from Coast Salish territory (Vancouver, Canada).

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