No Comfort in a Colonised Country (zine, 2015)

Contents: 2 – From invasion to now: an introduction. 3 – Interview w/ Robbie Thorpe of First Nations Liberation. 5 – Interview w/ Viv Malo of First Nations Liberation. 14 – Reflections on: Australia and internalised colonialism, racism and white supremacy. 20 – 1000 paper cuts: Resisting the damage of white supremacy. 28 – Whack Australia.

A couple of people put together this zine in 2015 as a further contribution that gives voice to experiences of race, colonisation, identity and resistance and from the context of things happening now in Australia. The following articles and interviews come from a few different perspectives and experiences and in publishing this zine we aim to help further a resistance to white supremacy and colonialism that attacks these institutions from a variety of different bases and standpoints. And in part, it seems necessary in the current context to initiate complex conversations around these issues, conversations that do not over-simplify the problems and instead come from a position of questioning and which welcome the possible discomfort involved in upturning racial hierarchies.

From the occupied territory of Australia. Stolen land, never ceded.

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