Darkness Outside (zine, 2018)

From the occupied territory of Australia. Stolen land, never ceded.


Eight suggestions about race, comfort and safety
A series of discussion points aimed towards anarchists in Australia, around how we position ourselves in terms of radical anti-racist practice in this racist, colonial country. These points revolve around issues of safety and comfort and how manifestations of these in our scenes, but also in broader society, tend towards being a re-assertion of the norms of whiteness/ white supremacy.
An explanation
A summary of events that occurred in Sydney in 2016 and early 2017, that had me stepping away from involvement in anarchist politics and spaces in this city and that set my thoughts on a trajectory that ultimately led to producing this zine.
A reprint
A reprint of an older article I co-wrote with a friend in response to an incident at a fundraiser in Sydney in 2015, raising isssues about racialised comfort.

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